Jan 14, 2014 by AFP

Arlington, VA – Americans for Prosperity offered the following reaction to the proposed omnibus spending bill being considered in Congress this week:

“Congress is once again showing complete unwillingness to restrain spending,” AFP President Tim Phillips stated. “The 1,500-page bill proposes $1.1 trillion of federal discretionary spending for the coming year, which far exceeds the agreed-upon spending levels.

“Our elected officials have completely disregarded the established budgetary and appropriations procedures that they’re supposed to be following – and this short-sighted, indulgent legislation is the unfortunate result.

“Congress needs to return to regular budget order. Rather than individually considering the 12 spending bills necessary to fund the federal government, Congress has taken the easy way out by rolling them into one massive package, which doesn’t easily allow for close scrutiny of how taxpayer dollars are being spent.

This spending bill is the predictable consequence of a series of poor choices from politicians on both sides of the aisle. If we continue down this road of misguided budget negotiations, our national debt will continue to grow – and hardworking Americans and their families are the ones who will end up footing the bill.”