AFP Releases Letter of Opposition to Wind PTC

Nov 10, 2014 by AFP

ARLINGTON, VA – Today Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest grassroots advocate for economic freedom, released a letter urging members of Congress to oppose extending the wind production tax credit (PTC). The letter, which comes just as Congress returns to session, calls efforts to phase-down the tax credit ‘misguided,’ and asks lawmakers to reject any legislation that extends wind subsidies.

Read AFP’s opposition letter HERE.

AFP Director of Policy Mac Zimmerman said the following:

“American taxpayers deserve energy solutions that are affordable, reliable, and can make it on their own in the market. In this flat economic “recovery,” handouts to special interests need to stop. Taxpayers are tired of being asked to indefinitely fund corporate welfare for the Obama Administration’s favored industries.”

Americans for Prosperity is expected to announce significant grassroots action on this issue later in the week.
Dear Senators and Representatives:

On behalf of more than two million Americans for Prosperity activists in all 50 states, I write to express our strong opposition to the wind production tax credit (PTC). We urge you to reject efforts to extend this handout for the wind energy industry as you consider tax extender legislation. A 1-year extension would cost $13 billion over the next decade.

This past April, AFP sent letters to the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee, strongly urging members to oppose the PTC. “American taxpayers and ratepayers have seen little return on this forced investment in wind energy over the past 20 years. We see wind power continue to break its promises of long-term job creation, economic activity, and affordability,” we stated in the House letter, and our concerns remain.

Currently there are efforts to introduce new phase down schemes to the tax credit over a period of time, but these efforts are misguided and would instead function as full extensions. The tax credit has an existing phase-down built in under current law—even though the tax credit was allowed to expire at the end of 2013, current beneficiaries will continue to receive the tax credit for 10 years. Furthermore, the goal of these phase down proposals may be diluted by ongoing actions of the IRS to expand the definition for eligibility for the PTC.

While discussions about restoring the wind production tax credit are reemerging on Capitol Hill, there remains strong opposition from your constituents and taxpayers to extending it. This past June, AFP led a broad coalition of 110+ organizations representing millions of Americans in calling on Congress to allow the wind PTC to remain expired. In addition, over the past two years, tens of thousands of Americans for Prosperity activists have contacted their elected officials, urging them to oppose extending this costly subsidy.

In particular Congress should reject efforts to extend the wind PTC during lame duck session before the members the American people have chosen in the recent elections are seated.

Americans for Prosperity requests that you reject any package that includes the expired wind production tax credit. A vote for the PTC is a vote in support of President Obama’s destructive climate action plan.

Brent Wm. Gardner
Director of Federal Affairs
Americans for Prosperity

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