AFP Reacts to MDOT Claims on Gas Tax Hike

May 21, 2014 by AFP

LANSING — Americans for Prosperity-Michigan today responded to MDOT spokesperson Jeff Cranson’s accusation that the group is being “disingenuous” when it calls Michigan’s taxes on gas some of the highest in the nation. Scott Hagerstrom, state director of the grassroots, limited government group, issued the following statement:

“It is disingenuous for government bureaucrats to offer the people of Michigan a false choice: either bad roads or a massive tax hike. There are policy options available that would better fund roads without a net tax hike. Unfortunately, state lawmakers seem to lack the political will to pursue these options.
“At a minimum, legislators can certainly trim spending in areas such as the 21st Century Jobs Fund and dedicate general fund revenue generated from the sales tax on gas to roads. Other options include exempting a portion of the gasoline price from the state sales tax and increasing the excise tax on fuel to a corresponding watermark. 
“Unfortunately, other options aren’t being given much serious discussion by lawmakers who appear to only be serious about raising taxes. Our state legislature has the full-time job of identifying solutions that best serve the people of Michigan. Proposing a massive tax hike on fuel in lieu of other options is simply shirking that responsibility.”