AFP-IN Puts the Brakes on Unnecessary Gas Tax Hike

Mar 15, 2016 by AFP

Indiana already has one of the highest tax burdens on gas purchases in the nation, but that wasn’t going to stop some lawmakers from driving it even higher.

Politicians in the state’s capital wanted to impose a gas tax hike on their constituents to fund road and bridge repairs. But with Indiana running a revenue surplus, the problem here wasn’t a lack of funding – it was a lack of priorities.

Instead of prioritizing existing funds for infrastructure needs, lawmakers saw raising taxes as the easy way out. AFP stepped in to hold them accountable.

Our army of grassroots activists knocked on doors throughout the state, made thousands of phone calls, and delivered petitions to lawmakers. AFP-IN also sent out mailers and ran radio, digital and TV ads to educate the public and raise awareness.

It was the same formula used by AFP in states across the country – a formula that, time and again, forces lawmakers to listen to their constituents.

State lawmakers in Indiana listened, and we were able to fight off a half-billion dollars in tax increases while increasing accountability for spending hard-earned taxpayer dollars. A bill was passed to fund infrastructure repairs without any tax hikes.

“Make no mistake, our grassroots volunteers will continue to oppose any tax increases sought by local officials through this legislation, but that battle is for another day,” said State Director Justin Stevens.

“Now, we celebrate the fact that the voices of Hoosiers from every corner of the state were heard in Indianapolis.”