AFP Previews Keystone XL Vote, Says Udall Allies Put Politics Over Jobs

May 7, 2014 by AFP

AFP Colorado State Director Dustin Zvolnek issued the following statement:

“By opposing the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, Mark Udall is putting billionaire special interests ahead of the overwhelming majority of Americans who want to see it built. For months, Sen. Udall has been trying to have it both ways with the Keystone Pipeline, hoping that Coloradans wouldn’t notice.  Instead of playing political games, Mark Udall should have been upfront with the people of Colorado from day one.  Now it’s clear – when it comes to energy and jobs in Colorado, Mark Udall stands firmly with Tom Steyer, The League of Conservation Voters and the Obama administration.”


Mark Udall Appears Likely To Vote “No” On A Bill To Approve The Keystone XL Pipeline: “Sen. Udall has been eminently clear that Congress should not inject politics into the administration’s ongoing review process,” said Mike Saccone, Udall’s spokesman. “That’s why he voted against Democratic and Republican amendments that attempted to dictate a result on the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Any votes this week on the pipeline wouldn’t be any different.” (Eli Stokols, “Udall likely a no on Keystone if Senate votes this week.” KDVR, 5/5/14).

After Months Of Trying To Have It Both Ways With Colorado Voters:

But He May Change His Mind If It Suits Him Politically: “Udall hasn’t yet said which way he’ll vote on the upcoming approval bill, which could come as a standalone or as an amendment to the Shaheen-Portman energy-efficiency bill. Instead, he has said repeatedly that he believes the decision is up to the administration. That position seemingly puts him against the latest approval bill, but it also leaves him plenty of wiggle room. That room closes this week, when Udall faces the binary yes-or-no vote.” (Jason Plautz, “The Keystone Pipeline Is Ruining Mark Udall’s Week,” National Journal, 5/6/14).

But His Office Says Udall Doesn’t Want The Pipeline To Be About Politics: “Sen. Udall has been eminently clear that Congress should not inject politics into the administration’s ongoing review process,” said Mike Saccone, Udall’s spokesman.” (Eli Stokols, “Udall likely a no on Keystone if Senate votes this week.” KDVR, 5/5/14).

It’s Clear That He’s Trying To Play Both Sides Of The Keystone Debate: “Udall was a ‘no’ the last time the Senate weighed in on Keystone, a pipeline that would take carbon-intensive Canadian tar sands from Alberta to Gulf Coast refineries. But analysts on both sides of the aisle say that he remains wishy-washy on the issue, and his decision on the latest measure is closely watched.” (Jason Plautz, “The Keystone Pipeline Is Ruining Mark Udall’s Week,” National Journal, 5/6/14).

Either Way, It Would Be Nice If Udall Took A Clear Stance: “Udall hasn’t taken a position on the pipeline, not least because he’s facing a tough re-election contest in purple Colorado. His challenger, Republican Rep. Cory Gardner, supports Keystone XL.” (Zack Colman, “Senate votes on Keystone XL, efficiency bill hang in the balance”, The Washington Examiner, 5/5/14).

Udall Faces Increased Pressure From Coloradans To Take A Position: “Representing a major oil-and-gas producing state, Mr. Udall has faced increasing pressure to take clearer positions on energy issues like Keystone.” (Amy Harder, “Colorado Democrats Key to Keystone Vote,” The Wall Street Journal, 5/1/14).


CNBC: “Why Obama’s Keystone Opposition Reeks Of Politics.” “Politicians make their living shading the truth. But even by those low standards, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz offered a whopper on Sunday, saying that the Obama administration’s latest non-decision on the Keystone XL pipeline was not political.” (Ben White, “Why Obama’s Keystone Opposition Reeks Of Politics,” CNBC, 4/21/16)

Special Interests Looking To Kill The Keystone Pipeline Pouring Money Into Colorado:

Udall Faces Criticism After Meeting With Steyer At His San Francisco Mansion For An Exclusive Democratic Party Fundraiser: ” Not all Coloradans were impressed by Sen. Mark Udall’s invitation to liberal billionaire Tom Steyer’s exclusive Democratic Party fund-raiser. Mr. Udall’s critics turned up the heat after it came to light that the Democrat was among those invited to hobnob Wednesday with the billionaire at his home in San Francisco for a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) fundraiser.” (Valerie Richardson, “Sen. Mark Udall feeling heat over ties to climate change billionaire,” The Washington Times, 2/19/14)

Tom Steyer’s PAC Strongly Opposes Construction Of The Keystone XL Pipeline. “Mr. Steyer’s PAC, NextGen Climate Action, is strongly opposed to the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, saying it would intensify global warming by increasing fossil-fuel emissions.” (Valerie Richardson, The Washington Times, 3/19/14)

Tom Steyer Is A Billionaire And Major Democratic Donor. “Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer is laying plans to go big in the 2014 election. The former hedge fund manager is hoping to spend $100 million — $50 million from his personal fortune and $50 million from other donors — to make climate change a top-tier issue in the election.” (Andrew Restuccia, POLITICO, 2/18/13)

Udall Is Also Being Supported By The League Of Conservation Voters, Which Opposes The Pipeline: “The League of Conservation Voters likes Sen. Mark Udall (D). A lot. The group plunked down $975,000 for 30-second ads that will run in the Denver market over the next three weeks.” (Reid Wilson, READ IN, The Washington Post, 4/18/14)