AFP: Pretenses of Economic Viability “Blown Away” by Attempt to Remove Offshore Wind Net Benefit Test

Jan 26, 2015 by AFP

AFP: Pretenses of Economic Viability “Blown Away” by Attempt to Remove Offshore Wind Net Benefit Test

Offshore Wind Remains an Economic Loser for New Jersey

TRENTON – Legislation introduced by the Senate Environment and Energy Committee, and being pushed by Senate President Steve Sweeney, removes all pretenses that offshore wind would be good for the state’s economy according to Americans for Prosperity, the state’s leading advocate for taxpayers.

“Just as Massachusetts ratepayers have been spared a big blow to their electricity bills by offshore wind, politicians and extremist environmentalists here in New Jersey continue their crusade to stick it to taxpayers,” said AFP communications director Mike Proto. “Affordable energy is the lifeblood of our economy. Anyone enjoying low gas prices feels this. When it costs less to fill your car at the pump or to keep your lights on and heat your home, it makes things easier and puts money back in your family budget.”

“By now it’s clear, supporters of this scheme just do not care what this will do to New Jersey families. They don’t care if they have less in their pockets to pay for this scheme. All that matters is their myopic ‘climate change’ agenda even though this offshore wind scheme will do next to nothing about it.”

“No less than four analyses have shown the Fishermen’s Energy offshore wind project would mean higher rates and lost jobs. Yet, today all we heard was falsehoods and propaganda from the Sierra Club and other environmentalists claiming offshore wind is ‘cost effective’ when it’s anything but.”

“The federal government’s own data shows that levelized costs for offshore wind are enormous. While natural gas is $66.30 per megawatt hour, offshore wind is $204.10 per megawatt hour. Also, these costs do not reflect offshore wind’s capacity factor, the actual percentage of the time it produces electricity, which is just 37% versus 87% for natural gas. Simply put, wind turbines only produce electricity when the wind blows. Does Jeff Tittel think the EIA pulls these numbers out of a hat?”

“As winds may gust to 60 miles per hour during the pending blizzard, guess what; those wind turbines would have to shut down. When the wind isn’t blowing, no electricity is produced and when it’s too high no electricity is produced,” Proto said. “This is why wind power can never replace the energy New Jersey’s economy needs and for our residents and business to keep their lights on. Traditional sources must be used to back them up—something the proponents of this scheme do not want be honest about.”

“Sen. Sweeney is right about one thing. New Jersey’s economy is not in good shape. Yet, the Senate Majority leader and others in the Legislature continue to pursue reckless, ideological driven energy policies which will only make our economy worse and worsen the quality of life for New Jersey families.”

“The attempt to get rid of the net economic benefits test for this offshore wind scheme removes all pretenses. This project is an economic loser for New Jersey and the only way to prop it up is with massive taxpayer subsidies into the six figures.”

“Our residents deserve access to abundant, affordable energy not politically motivated efforts to achieve ‘diversity’ in our energy portfolio. This project would only mean higher rates and more and more businesses leaving New Jersey for good,” concluded Proto.

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