AFP Praises Bold Plan to Unrig the Economy

Sep 27, 2017 by AFP

Grassroots group says unified framework will bolster job growth, prosperity for American households. 

Arlington, Va. – Americans for Prosperity is praising leaders in Congress and the White House today after they released a bold, pro-growth framework for tax reform that would offer major relief for American households and businesses. The grassroots group, the largest and most aggressive advocate for tax reform, said the framework will bolster job growth, allow workers to keep more of their paychecks, and prioritize American jobs, new opportunities for companies, and the products they produce.

AFP focused its efforts all summer on reform that unrigs the economy – making the tax code fairer, flatter and simpler, lowering rates across the board and eliminating as many loopholes as possible. The group specifically praised the major relief coming to corporate and individual rates; relief for small businesses and S-corps; simplification of individual tax brackets; the repeal of the death tax; and plans to eliminate in committee many of the myriad itemized deductions that riddle the tax code.

AFP Chief Government Affairs Officer Brent Gardner had this to say:

“This is a strong framework for the kind of bold, pro-growth reform we’ve been working to support all year.  If Congress can translate policy like this into legislation, we can expect a renaissance for the U.S. economy, job growth and production to follow. This plan will improve lives by allowing Americans to keep more money in their paychecks and ensuring the United States is the best place in the world to do business.

“Our grassroots force around the country has made tax reform the top priority this year, and we’re going to continue engaging leaders in Congress to help support this unified framework. We’re committed to making tax reform a reality in 2017.”

Following a summer filled with 70+ grassroots events around the country, AFP’s state directors came to Capitol Hill this week to meet with federal lawmakers, delivering the message that the grassroots are demanding rate cuts and a simpler code. The group also met with reporters on Wednesday to share the message. Click here for more information.


Americans for Prosperity has made tax reform its top priority this year, with state chapters across the country engaging their grassroots and encouraging the public to contact lawmakers.

The group has held over 70 grassroots events across its 36 state chapters this summer, with more planned in the coming weeks. The event series kicked off at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., where AFP leadership engaged White House Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short, and Freedom Caucus Chair Rep. Mark Meadows. Each event saw AFP partnering with members of the local community, members of Congress and policy experts to discuss the effort to achieve tax reform this year.

All summer long, grassroots volunteers have been making phone calls and canvassing neighborhoods to encourage lawmakers to support bold, pro-growth reform.

Americans for Prosperity also made a significant investment in digital ads since May, encouraging lawmakers, including leaders on the House Ways & Means Committee, to rally around a positive vision for tax reform to make the code simpler, fairer, flatter, and more predictable – without placing new burdens on American households.

In August, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross addressed the group’s largest annual grassroots gathering, the Defending the American Dream Summit, where he saluted activists for their positive impact on this issue and once again called for a major tax overhaul.


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