AFP: Peters Paved Way for Job-Killing EPA Carbon Regulations

Jun 2, 2014 by AFP

Peters voted against curtailing EPA authority on greenhouse gases, set the table for today’s news. 

LANSING — The Michigan chapter of Americans for Prosperity is calling on Rep. Gary Peters to reverse his support for rate-hiking, economy-shrinking carbon regulations, after he voted to pave the way for Environmental Protection Agency regulations set to be released today.

According to estimates from the Chamber of Commerce, these regulations could suck $51 billion out of our still-struggling economy, cost 224,000 jobs every year, and cost Americans $289 billion more in electricity bills by 2030. 

“Rep. Peters has repeatedly supported empowering Washington bureaucrats to hike prices on the energy Michigan families need to power their lives,” said AFP-Michigan State Director Scott Hagerstrom. “We shouldn’t have to worry about touching our thermostats or starting our cars this summer because Gary Peters wants to change global temperatures by tiny fractions of a degree.”

Peters voted with energy regulation extremists to raise the prices of energy for Americans through a “cap and trade” scheme and to empower the EPA to implement today’s announced carbon regulations. On other energy issues, Peters has also voted to restrict economic growth through energy development.


Peters Votes NAY on Curtailing EPA Authority —  Energy Tax Prevention Act (H. 910), Roll Call 249, 4/7/11
Legislation would have amended the Clean Air Act to prohibit the EPA from using it to place limits on greenhouse gas emissions without Congressional approval. 

Peters Votes YEA on Jacking Up Energy Prices — American Clean Energy & Security Act (H.R. 2454), Roll Call 477, 6/26/09
Legislation to require energy utilities to increase their portfolio of renewable energy sources and also purchase carbon tax credits.

Peters Votes NAY on Expanding Energy Extraction — Reversing President Obama’s Offshore Moratorium Act, H. 1231, Roll Call 320, 5/12/11. 
Legislation to undo the overly borad moratorium President Obama placed on offshore oil drilling. 

New EPA Regulations Estimated to Kill 224K Jobs Annually, Shrink Economy by $51 Billion
Assessing the Impact of Proposed New Carbon Regulations in the United States, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 2014. 

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