AFP-PA Responds to Governor’s Budget Address; Calls on Corbett to Champion Paycheck Protection

Feb 4, 2014 by AFP

HARRISBURG – Americans for Prosperity Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth’s largest grassroots organization, is releasing the following statement in response to Governor Corbett’s 2014-15 budget address from earlier today.

“AFP-PA is in solidarity with Governor Corbett as he attempts to tackle pension reform, liquor privatization and a merit based education system. However, none of these reforms are likely to happen until the Governor champions the passage of Paycheck Protection and takes a stand against the excessive power and money afforded to government sector unions,” said Jennifer Stefano, State Director of Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania.  “Until the General Assembly passes Paycheck Protection and puts an end to the government collection of union dues and political action money, the working families and taxpayers of this Commonwealth will always be on the losing side of any attempts at reform.  We urge Governor Corbett to come out as a strong champion of Paycheck Protection so that not just the working men and women of Pennsylvania may have a brighter future, but our children will as well.  This is the only way Governor Corbett’s reforms will become a reality and benefit the working families of Pennsylvania.”

Additionally, Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania addressed Governor Corbett’s continuing efforts to bring more ObamaCare into Pennsylvania by expanding Medicaid under the ObamaCare law.

“We implore Governor Corbett to reconsider his push to expand ObamaCare into Pennsylvania using the unsustainable Medicaid scheme as part of his ‘Healthy PA’ plan,” continued Stefano.  “The working families of Pennsylvania need Governor Corbett to protect them from ObamaCare, not to expand this harmful law into our state.”