AFP on Working Families Summit: Obama Agenda Hurting Families

Jun 23, 2014 by AFP

Arlington, Va. – AFP President Tim Phillips released the following statement in reaction to the kickoff of the White House’s Working Families Summit, taking place today in Washington, D.C.

“President Obama doesn’t need to have another ‘summit’ on what’s going wrong for working families. The answer is clear: they’re suffering under his failed, big-government policies. During the past five-and-a-half years, this administration has demonstrated time and time again that it is no friend to America’s working class. 

“Policies on everything from health care to energy are leading to unemployment, an unmanageable cost of living, obstacles to opportunity, and uncertainty about the future. If the President is serious about helping working-class families, he needs to put politics aside and rethink many of the short-sighted economic decisions he’s made in office. It’s time for him to start reversing his job-killing, cost-hiking agenda, not hold more meetings.” 

Americans for Prosperity has been part of a five-year, wall-to-wall effort to oppose ObamaCare, which is driving up insurance costs for working families around the country. The group is also encouraging lawmakers to oppose re-authorization of the Export-Import Bank, which provides corporate welfare at the taxpayer’s expense, and spreading the word on new proposed greenhouse gas regulations from the EPA, which would force up energy prices around the country.