AFP on Rising Health Insurance Premiums Due to ACA

Jun 16, 2014 by AFP

Time for Rep. Braley to Recognize that ObamaCare has done More Harm than Good

DES MOINES – Mark Lucas, state director of Americans for Prosperity – Iowa, today responded to a report in the Des Moines Register that Iowans will face even higher premiums due to the Affordable Care Act. The article explained that people insured by CoOpportunity Health and Coventry Health Care could face premiums spikes of 14.3 and 8.7 percent, respectively in the coming year. CoOpportunity’s COO said enforcement of the ACA was part of the reason for the premium increase.

“Congressman Bruce Braley promised us that ObamaCare would result in higher quality, lower cost health care. Yet everyday we learn that more Iowans are finding their premiums skyrocketing. Representative Braley passed this legislation without reading the bill. Middle class Iowans are now paying the price for his laziness. The current round of premiums spikes is just the latest opportunity for Representative Braley to stand up for Iowans and recognize the inherent flaws with this law that he fought so hard to pass. It’s time for Representative Braley and the rest of Congress to admit that ObamaCare has caused more harm than good and cut losses before this law does any more damage.”