AFP on Missouri’s C Grade for Small Business Climate

Jul 8, 2014 by AFP

JEFFERSON CITY – A report released before the 4th of July illustrates why Americans for Prosperity – Missouri put regulatory reform in our long term policy agenda, Path to Prosperity. The report, put out by The Economist, gave Missouri a “C” grade for overall friendliness to small business.

The latest report by the Economist is not the only bad news for Missouri.  In June, the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis released state-by-state figures for the 2013 growth in the real gross domestic product, a commonly used method for measuring the strength of the economy.

Missouri had 0.8 percent growth, which was a full percentage point behind the national rate. Missouri’s economic growth ranked 45th nationally, ahead of only Alaska, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Click here to view the Economist interactive map

State Director Patrick Werner has this to say, “Americans for Prosperity – Missouri is committed to reducing red tape and obstacles to creating and expanding small businesses in Missouri which is vital to create jobs and grow the state.   You don’t have to look very far to see that neighboring states, except Illinois, have friendlier climates for small businesses.  Unfortunately, this is just another report showing that Missouri is experiencing a stagnant economy.  Unless policy makers take action, Missouri will continue to experience poor economic growth for years to come.”

You can also view the full Path to Prosperity policy initiative at    There you will find an action alert where AFP-MO activists and Missouri taxpayers can submit unnecessary and burdensome regulations in their daily lives.  This year, the MO House created The Bipartisan Investigatory Committee on Regulatory Overreach, which is a great first step in the right direction for much needed regulatory reform.