AFP Offers Comments on House Bill 2109

Apr 3, 2014 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity – Pennsylvania stands in solidarity with Representative Kate Harper (R-Montgomery), as she reintroduces legislation that would prohibit Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) employees from striking at any time.  Currently, the only public employees not permitted to strike include police, corrections officers, some court employees, and mental hospital employees.

“Public transportation is a vital service in any community and must be preserved,” said Jennifer Stefano, State Director of AFP Pennsylvania.  “We cannot allow our hard-working families to be stranded because of a transit strike.  We appreciate Representative Harper recognizing this and introducing common-sense legislation that would protect Pennsylvania working families from suffering that fate. ”

SEPTA was founded in 1964 and employs nearly 10,000 individuals that operate busses, rail cars, trolleys, and other forms of mass transit in a five county area that includes Philadelphia.  The employees are represented by the Transit Workers Union Local 234.  The first contract, which included over 4,500 employees, expired early this month, and two additional contracts will expire in early April.

Representative Harper’s bill, which is House Bill 2109 of this session, was originally introduced in 2009 during a six-day SEPTA strike that left thousands of individuals without transportation.