AFP: Northam and Obama Agree on all the Wrong Issues

Oct 17, 2017 by AFP

Ahead of the former president’s visit, AFP is reminding voters the two support policies that make life more costly

Arlington, Va. — Ahead of President Obama’s visit to Virginia, Americans for Prosperity is reminding voters that although Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam claims he’s a moderate, he’s been in lockstep with Obama’s far-left agenda on issue after issue. The grassroots group is engaged in an effort to defeat Northam because of those policies, which make life less affordable for Virginia households.

Northam and Obama Agree: DC Should Force Virginians to Pay More for the Energy that Powers Their Lives

Obama’s carbon rule could have increased consumers’ electricity rates in Virginia

On August 8, 2015, Northam Issued A Press Release Supporting The Clean Power Plan. (Press Release, Lt. Gov Ralph S. Northam, “Lieutenant Governor Northam’s Statement On The EPA’s Clean Power Plan,” 8/3/15)

According To An Analysis By NERA Economic Consulting, The Clean Power Plan Could Cause A 12% To 14% Increase In Virginia’s Electricity Prices. “NERA Economic Consulting projects that the Power Plan could cause a 12% to 14% increase in average retail electricity prices for Virginia consumers, with peak year increases ranging from 17% to 20%.” (“Virginia,” American Coalition For Clean Coal Electricity, 2/16)

On March 2, 2010, Northam Joined Sixteen Other Democrats At Press Conference In Which They Asked Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli To Withdraw Two Legal Actions He Filed Seeking to Block A Federal Move Regulating Greenhouse Gases. “In challenging a federal decision on global warming, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is wasting tax money and attacking established science, some legislators say. Seventeen General Assembly members, all Democrats, held a news conference yesterday in the Capitol to ask Cuccinelli, a Republican, to withdraw the challenges. ‘I urge the attorney general to reconsider launching this crusade against established science,’ said state Sen. Ralph S. Northam, D-Norfolk. Cuccinelli filed two legal actions last month seeking to block a federal move toward regulating gases linked to global warming.” (Rex Springston, “Cuccinelli Urged To Drop Climate Case,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, 3/3/10)


Northam and Obama Agree: Virginians Should Have More of Obamacare Foisted on Them, As the Law Continues to Fail Consumers and Cost States

An average 27-year-old in Virginia saw premiums increase in 2013 by a dramatic 310 percent over average premiums previously available.

In 2012, Northam Co-Sponsored A Bill To Create A State-Based Health Insurance Exchange. “Herring, who favored two legislative proposals killed by the subcommittee Wednesday, also faulted the assembly for ‘abdicating’ its responsibility to act in this session to create the framework of an exchange that must be certified by the federal government on Jan. 1.  As a result, he said, the state risks having a federally operated exchange being imposed on Virginia under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. ‘We need to create one that is right for Virginia,’ Herring said in an interview. Herring voted against a subcommittee recommendation on Wednesday to kill legislation proposed by Sens. A. Donald McEachin, D-Henrico, Barbara A. Favola, D-Arlington, and Ralph S. Northam, D-Norfolk.  Both bills would have created an independent, quasi-governmental exchange similar to the Virginia Housing Development Authority, as recommended in September by McDonnell’s Virginia Health Reform Initiative Advisory Council on an 11-3 vote.” (Michael Martz, “Panel Halts Bill On Health Exchange,” NBC – 10 WSLS, “Panel Halts Bill On Health Exchange,” 2/9/12)

  • Northam Was A Primary Sponsor Of Senate Bill 615, “Health Benefit Exchange Authority; Created.” (S.B 615, Introduced 1/20/12)

According To HHS’s Report On Premiums In The Obamacare Exchanges, A 27 Year Old In Virginia Will Pay An Average Of $156 A Month For The Lowest Bronze Plan – An Increase Of 310.53 Percent Over Average Premiums Previously Available. (Office Of The Assistant Secretary For Planning And Evaluation, “Health Insurance Marketplace Premiums For 2014,” HHS, 9/13; John E. Dickson, Director Of Health Care For The Government Accountability Office, Letter To Honorable Orrin G. Hatch, 7/23/13)

Northam Said Medicaid Expansion Would “Save Virginia Taxpayers Billions.” “I have joined a bipartisan coalition working to expand Medicaid including the Chamber of Commerce and Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling. This will save Virginia taxpayers billions of dollars that otherwise would be sent to Maryland, Arizona, Florida and New Jersey.” (“Where They Stand On Medicaid Expansion,” Daily Press, 9/22/13)

  • Even Without Expansion, Virginia’s Medicaid Costs Have Grown Nearly Nine Percent Per Year, And Expansion Would Add Tens Of Millions More In Costs. “Even without  expansion, Medicaid has been growing at almost 9 percent per year and now consumes more than a fifth of the state budget, up from 14 percent a decade ago.” (Editorial, “Expand Medicaid? No Way In VA,” Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, 4/4/17)


Northam and Obama Agree: Students and Parents Shouldn’t Have the Freedom to Choose the Education That’s Best for Their Needs

Northam twice served as a tie-breaking vote to kill legislation that would have expanded educational opportunity for students

On February 25, 2015, Ralph Northam Broke A Tie In The Virginia Senate By Voting Against House Bill 2238, Which Would Have Allowed Parents Of A Disabled Child To Use Their Child’s Share Of State Education Funds to Pay for the Education that Best Fits Their Unique Needs. “The Virginia Senate has narrowly defeated a proposed private-school voucher program for disabled students. The measure would have allowed parents of a disabled child to apply for the child’s share of state funds that would otherwise go to his or her local public school system. The money could be used for tuition, fees and books at a private school. The bill, sponsored by Del. Dave LaRock, a Loudoun County Republican, was passed by the House of Delegates 57-42 earlier this month. The measure was defeated Wednesday in the Senate when Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat, voted ‘no’ to break an 18-18 tie.” (“Va. Senate Rejects School Vouchers For Disabled Students,” Associated Press, 2/25/15)

On February 6, 2017, Lt. Governor Ralph Northam Voted Against SB 1243 Breaking A Tie In The Virginia Senate And Killing The Bill. (SB 1243, Failed 20-20: R 20-1; D 19-0, 2/617, Northam Voted No)

  • SB 1243 Would Have Allowed Parents Of Public School Children Apply For Education Savings Accounts. “Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts established. Permits the parent of a public preschool, elementary, or secondary school student who meets certain criteria to apply to the school division in which the student resides for a one-year, renewable Parental Choice Education Savings Account that consists of an amount that is equivalent to a certain percentage of all applicable annual Standards of Quality per pupil state funds appropriated for public school purposes and apportioned to the resident school division in which the student resides, including the per pupil share of state sales tax funding in basic aid and any state per pupil share of special education funding to which the student is eligible.” (Virginia Legislative Information System,, Accessed 9/19/17)


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