AFP-NM Praises Push Forward of Right-to-Work in Sandoval County

Nov 3, 2017 by AFP

Sandoval County Commissioners voted 4-1 setting up December vote to expand worker freedoms

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Americans for Prosperity-New Mexico (AFP-NM), is cheering the vote to expand worker freedom policy, known as Right-to-Work, by Sandoval County Commissioners. Commissioners Block, Heil, Holden-Rhodes, and Chapman voted 4-1 to set up a time to vote on the measure sometime in December. Commissioner Eichwald was the only commissioner to vote to oppose expanding worker freedoms.

AFP-NM state director, Burly Cain released the following statement: 

“When workers win, our community wins. Right-to-work secures the rights of workers, and in states that have become right-to-work there is more opportunity, more jobs, and wages grow at a fast rate.  We applaud the Sandoval County Commissioners who stood up for worker freedom and hope they move quickly to pass this policy so that Sandoval County workers can begin seeing the benefits.”

AFP-NM in September launched a campaign, “New Jobs New Mexico,” to educate citizens across New Mexico about the positive impact of right-to-work. AFP-NM activists have been present at each of the Sandoval County hearings where right-to-work has been discussed. The group also recently released two direct mail efforts to let Sandoval County citizens know where of their County Commissioners stood on supporting right-to-work.