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AFP-NH to Legislature: Keep New Hampshire Income Tax Free

May 21, 2019 by AFP

CONCORD, NH – Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire (AFP-NH) offered the following comment in response to an amendment to House Bill 198. The amendment, which would create a 6.2% income tax levied on those making more than $132,900, was heard today in the Senate Finance Committee.

“This amendment strikes at the heart of the New Hampshire Advantage by instituting an income tax. This would be a recipe for seeing successful people flee New Hampshire, as we see in states like Connecticut, New Jersey and New York,” said Greg Moore, AFP-NH State Director. “Our low tax policy, coupled by efforts in the past year to ease burdensome regulations, has led to a booming economy that is the envy of New England. There’s no reason to break what’s working so well for the residents of New Hampshire.”