Jul 22, 2014 by AFP

AFP-NE released the following statement after today’s Obamacare decision.

LINCOLN — AFP-Nebraska State Director, Matt Litt, issued the following statement concerning the decision of the US Appeals Court in Washington in the case of Halbig v. Sebelius.

The court found that the Obama Administration is breaking the law by spending federal tax dollars without congressional authorization to finance parts of the Affordable Care Act. This includes the federal exchange, which covers Nebraska.

“ObamaCare simply is not working for the ordinary American and today’s ruling demonstrates the difficulty President Obama faces in implementing a law the majority in Congress did not read before voting for, and which the majority of the American people did not want.  Because of this disastrous law, many Nebraskans have lost their prior health care coverage, many have seen their premiums rise and many more are paying higher taxes.  Now we find out the subsidies offered through the federal exchange are illegal; meaning there are Nebraskans who will be paying more than they anticipated for ObamaCare.  This law deserves to be repealed,” said State Director Matt Litt.

“Supporters of ObamaCare will undoubtedly argue that Nebraska should implement a state-based exchange to correct this problem.  That is an unwise position.  Gov. Heineman and state leaders were correct to reject using Nebraska taxpayer dollars to implement ObamaCare in 2012 and to reverse that decision now in order to bail out the ineptitude of the Obama Administration on this issue would be wrong.  There’s a better choice; that is to start over again with patient-centered reforms that give more responsibility to patients and their doctors and to actually address health care costs,” continued Litt. 

AFP has led a five-year effort to relieve Americans of burdens of Obamacare since its inception in Congress. Activists across the country have signed online petitions, organized phone banks and neighborhood walks, rallied at state capitols, and reached out to their lawmakers to urge them to repeal ObamaCare.