AFP-NC Responds to ObamaCare’s Impact on UNC

Mar 7, 2014 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity: UNC Latest Victim of ObamaCare
Will Senator Hagan Continue to Turn a Blind Eye to ObamaCare’s Impact?

RALEIGH – Yesterday, WRAL revealed that the University of North Carolina system might have to pay $46 million in health insurance costs for part-time workers due to the president’s healthcare law.  As a result, the university system is considering cutting hours for part-time employees so that they fall below the 30 hours a week cutoff.

John Dudley, State Director for AFP-North Carolina, released the following statement in response to the revelation:

“UNC is just the latest victim of ObamaCare penalizing hard-working North Carolinians who are just trying to make ends meet. Senator Kay Hagan promised that Obamacare would help the economy, yet part-time employees are losing work and income as a result.

The UNC system is just the latest in a string of public and private employers in the state to announce employment reductions as a result of the President’s health care law.

“How is an extra $46 million cost for the UNC system a ‘climate to create jobs’?   What is Sen. Hagan going to do for those families facing fewer hours and less work?”

FLASHBACK: Sen. Kay Hagan: Healthcare Reform Is A Piece Of Washington’s Effort “To Create A Climate To Create Jobs.” “‘We in Washington need to do more to create a climate to create jobs,’ Hagan said. ‘We’ve got to work together to move this forward.’ Health-care reform is one piece of that effort, she said.” (Jennifer Thomas, Charlotte Business Journal, 4/6/10)

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