AFP – MO’s Support for Tax Relief Earns Coverage in the Sullivan Journal

Mar 20, 2014 by AFP

Sullivan, MO – In a guest column for the Sullivan Journal, Representative Dave Schatz highlighted why the tax relief measure HB 1295 would beneficial to Missouri families and businesses.  In the article, Schatz references Americans for Prosperity – Missouri’s support of tax relief.

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AFP – Missouri has been steadfast in its mission to bring tax relief to all Missourians.  The organization has traveled to nearly every part of the Show Me State and the message is clear, our families and businesses need tax relief.

Forward thinking governors all over the country have taken bold steps to reform their tax system while Missouri continue to struggle under an outdated tax code that imposes one of the highest marginal rates in the Midwest.

Americans for Prosperity has highlighted the substantial amounts that those tax reforms delivered, compared to the minor refunds that would be offered under the proposed Missouri tax reforms.

“We can’t expect to restart our economy by making small tweaks while the entire tax system needs an overhaul.  It’s time for Missouri to follow the example of many surrounding states and tackle tax reform head-on.” Patrick Werner, State Director, Americans for Prosperity – Missouri.

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