AFP – MO’s Patrick Werner on KZIM 960 to highlight 260 Missouri Tax Hikes

Mar 12, 2014 by AFP

Cape Girardeau, MO – American’s for Prosperity – Missouri State Director, Patrick Werner appeared on KZIM to highlight the 2014 Municipal Tax Projects Initiative which identifies all the tax increases facing Missourians on the April ballot.

Over 260 local tax hikes are listed on AFP-MO’s interactive Municipal Tax Projects map.

AFP-MO launched the first-of-its-kind initiative last year, when it highlighted over 280 municipal and county tax hikes that were on the ballot. Again this year, at least 77% of Missouri counties and municipalities (out of 114 counties, 11 have no tax hike and 14 have not responded) have placed some sort of tax hike on the ballot.

Click here for the detailed list of tax initiatives and see map below detailing the various tax hikes.

AFP-MO cited a study based on IRS data about how the state’s high taxes are causing high out-migration to lower-taxed states. A recent Wall Street Journal article documents how the economies in 78% of Missouri counties have not recovered to pre-2008 levels.

“As the WSJ article pointed out, seventy-eight percent of Missouri’s counties still have not recovered from the recession and now many of them want to pile on even higher taxes, hampering growth and encouraging Missourians to relocate,” Werner continued. “As the IRS data shows, Missouri lost over $1.38 billion to other states between 1992 and 2010 as a result of high tax policies driving out hard working Missourians. If Missouri’s tax burden continues to increase, we will see even more of our kids, grandkids, and neighbors relocate to lower-taxed states.”

Americans for Prosperity is promoting the 2014 Municipal Projects Initiative with town halls and other education activities to spread awareness about the rising taxes. Details can be found at

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