AFP – MO’s Path to Prosperity a “Must Read” on KSGF 104.1

Jan 24, 2014 by AFP

Springfield, MO – Americans for Prosperity – Missouri’s long term policy document was covered on KSGF 104.1.

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Policy makers across America are implementing bold reform measures making their state more competitive in attracting people and jobs. However, this is not the case in Missouri. Missouri is ranked 42nd in economic growth over the past 10 years, our GDP is ranked 47th over the same time period, as recently as 2012 Missouri was ranked 46 in job creation, we are losing population to neighboring states.

This is why we launched our Path to Prosperity to share with Missouri law makers, our 55,000 member activists and our fellow Missourians.

For more information on our Path to Prosperity and what our members have prioritized for the 2014 legislative session please go to

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