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AFP-Montana: Meet the Team

Jun 17, 2020 by AFP

Through broad-based grassroots outreach, Americans for Prosperity-Montana is driving long-term solutions to Montana’s biggest problems. AFP-Montana activists engage friends and neighbors on key issues and encourage them to take an active role in building a culture of mutual benefit, where people succeed by helping one another. AFP recruits and unites Montanans behind a common goal of advancing policies that will help people improve their lives.

Who we are:

David Herbst, State Director
My family lived the American dream. I watched my father and mother go back to school as adults to expand their skills and realize their potential. It was their bravery, to take risks and make their world better, that inspired me to return to college in my mid-20’s and get a bachelor’s degree from MSU. I began working in elections, politics, and entrepreneurship before beginning my career at AFP in 2015. At AFP, I am responsible for setting the strategic direction that drive our priorities to change the institution of government so Montana can be free and prosperous.  I am fortunate to lead a strong team that has helped build growing communities all over Montana where people succeed by helping each other improve their lives.

Patrick Webb

As a father to 3 wonderful daughters, I am concerned about the future we are going to leave behind for them and their generation. I see a nation saddled with terrible debt and a growing divide along partisan lines that is spreading contempt. I also see a country with unlimited potential that is still reaching for the stars and its people going out of their way to help their neighbors through terribly difficult times. As a passionate advocate for freedom, I will continue to find ways to change the institution of government and fight for a future that leads to prosperity for not only my children, but all people. This is my life’s work and I couldn’t be more honored to do it beside such principled individuals in Americans for Prosperity.

Henry Kriegel

My parents are Holocaust survivors and came to America after the war for freedom and opportunity.  I have seen what oppression looks like through their eyes and I  hope to preserve the liberty we enjoy today for future generations.  I work with  legislators, veteran’s groups, youth groups, and activists around the state to engage their communities in policy reforms that promote liberty. By providing opportunities to develop better skills and sharing knowledge through one-on-one relationships and at events we host and participate in, I continually strive to find innovative ways to engage with new and existing communities.

Justin Carpenter
I was born and raised on a small ranch south of Ryegate, Montana. I joined the Montana Army National Guard during my senior year of high school and served for over 22 years. It’s an honor to work with the veteran community here in Montana, sharing knowledge and tools to empower them advocate for the issues that directly impact them and their families.

Isaac Edikauskas
I was a frustrated activist who wanted to make my community better. But I didn’t know how to do it or where to start. It was a grassroots organizer who mentored me and showed me how to organize and inspire others in my community. Now, I get to be that person for others. I organize individuals around the principles of liberty and give them an outlet to make positive change. It’s my mission to build communities of open minded people who value their liberties and are ready willing and able to take action to defend them.

Hannah Allen

I’ve seen how devastating it can be when the government puts up barriers that inhibits prosperity in the lives of everyday Americans. As a child, my family experienced homelessness when we lost our home due to the way tax laws were written. When I found Americans for Prosperity, I was given the tools to help break down barriers to opportunity and improve the lives of all Montanans. I am in a position to help empower more people create a freer society with fewer barriers, where individuals can realize their full potential.

The issues we’re working on:

Health Care:
We can improve the health of all Montanans by providing increased access to quality care. We will work with lawmakers to roll back regulations that stand in the way of doctors and nurses from helping people. Without access to reliable medical care, families must travel further and pay higher costs for the care they need. We will support legislation that expands access to telehealth services and repeal Certificate of Need (CON) laws that prevent the expansion of long-term care and mental health facilities.

Criminal Justice Reform:
Our criminal justice system should uphold strong and safe communities. We support policies that are smart on crime and soft on taxpayers and maintain that our justice system should allow those who have paid their debt to society to re-enter their communities with dignity.

Free Expression:
The open exchange of ideas drives the innovation and progress that create opportunity. Every Montanan has the right to support causes he or she believes in without fear of harassment or intimidation. Protection of free expression clears the way for every individual to participate in civic life and engage in diverse ideas. We will work to pass legislation that affirmatively protects free speech rights for every Montanan.