AFP – MO Weighs in on Tax Cut Debate in Columbia Daily Tribune

Jan 27, 2014 by AFP

Columbia, MO – The Columbia Daily Tribune highlighted AFP – Missouri’s advocacy of returning state surpluses to taxpayers and passing meaningful tax relief measures to compete with neighboring states.

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Here is an excerpt from the article that highlights AFP – Missouri’s sentiments:

 A business tax exemption is being pushed by Republican legislators as a way to reward employers and spur job growth. “If we don’t do this we will continue to fall behind,” said Patrick Werner of the conservative group Americans for Prosperity-Missouri as he stood in front of giant faux checks to taxpayers of various states. The one for Missouri, representing last year’s tax cut measure, was marked VOID. “We currently have a stagnant economy.”

The philosophical debate of tax cuts continues to be fought as groups like AFP – Missouri that advocate for tax relief which will jump start our economy while Governor Nixon is content with managing a state in slow decline doing nothing.

In recent years Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin passed reforms that will give taxpayers significant refunds. In the first year of going into effect, Indiana taxpayers will receive $250 million in tax relief, Iowa Taxpayers will receive $440 million, North Carolina taxpayers will receive $500 million, Ohio taxpayers will receive $900 million, and Wisconsin taxpayers will receive $325 million.

These states are seeing the benefits to this strategy, while Missouri remains stagnant.

Over 30,000 payroll jobs have been lost since Governor Nixon took office, while neighboring states who have taken bold action and reformed their tax code continue to attract new jobs that bring families and businesses along with them.

“We can’t expect to restart our economy by making small tweaks while the entire tax system needs an overhaul,” said Patrick Werner, State Director of Americans for Prosperity – Missouri. “It’s time for Missouri to follow the example of many surrounding states and tackle tax reform head-on.”

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