AFP – MO Tax Relief Tour covered on KFVS CBS Channel 12 (Video)

Jan 29, 2014 by AFP

Cape Girardeau, MO – Americans for Prosperity – Missouri, the state’s leading advocate for fiscal responsibility and prosperity, was covered on KFVS CBS Channel 12 for their Tax Relief Tour that stopped in Cape Girardeau on Tuesday.

The purpose of the Tax Relief tour was twofold:  First, to urge the Missouri legislature to pursue bigger and more meaningful tax relief bill and to highlight four local tax hikes that will appear on the April ballot.

Watch the KFVS CBS Channel 12 video.

Americans for Prosperity – Missouri drew attention to the sweeping tax reform measures passed last year in other states around the nation by displaying 6 large checks highlighting the substantial tax relief packages passed in other states compared to proposed legislation in the Missouri House.

In recent years Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin passed reforms that will give taxpayers significant refunds. In the first year of going into effect, Indiana taxpayers will receive $250 million in tax relief, Iowa Taxpayers will receive $440 million, North Carolina taxpayers will receive $500 million, Ohio taxpayers will receive $900 million, and Wisconsin taxpayers will receive $325 million, while Missouri taxpayers would receive only $70 million.

Americans for Prosperity – Missouri also highlighted their “Municipal Project” where they identify all proposed tax increases, bond issues, fee increases, and use taxes.  After these hikes are identified, AFP works with local activists to fight back against these efforts to take more out of your pocketbook.

“We can’t expect to restart our economy when we are being nickel and dimed by politicians on the state and local level”. Patrick Werner, State Director, Americans for Prosperity.  “Making small tweaks isn’t going to get the job done.  Our tax system needs an overhaul,” Werner continued. “It’s time for Missouri to follow the example of many surrounding states and tackle meaningful tax relief.”

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