AFP – MO Op-Ed in Southeast Missourian

May 6, 2014 by AFP

Cape Girardeau, MO – The Southeast Missourian recently ran an Op – Ed written by Americans for Prosperity – Missouri State Director Patrick Werner about Missouri standing at an economic crossroads.  The Show Me State can either go the way of limited government and lower taxation or excessive government and higher taxes.

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If you believe Missouri needs meaningful tax relief, spending cap legislation to keep the tax burden from rising in the future, continued rejection of Medicaid expansion, worker freedom protections such as right to work, elimination of unnecessary regulations on small businesses, and a culture that encourages our local taxing agencies to stop demanding that taxpayers fund their spending habit please stand with us in the fight for economic freedom.

Missouri will pick a path.  Will it continue to go down the path of higher taxes, bigger government, more regulation and excessive spending. Or the Show Me State can follow other states down the path to prosperity; where government is limited, regulations are checked, spending is capped, energy is inexpensive, and work is encouraged.

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