AFP – MO in the Missouri Digital News

Mar 20, 2014 by AFP

Jefferson City, MO – The Missouri Digital News highlighted Americans for Prosperity – Missouri’s work to educate Missourians that the Show Me State isn’t as “a low tax state.”

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A non-partisan research think tank released a study showing Missouri has the 14th highest state and local sales tax in the nation.

The Tax Foundation’s study ranked states across the country based on state and local sales tax rates.

Conservative interest group Americans for Prosperity released a statement attacking state leaders for attempting to hike up local taxes each year.

“The problem Missouri has is that local government’s think it is necessary to put tax hikes on the ballot every April, ratcheting up the burden on hardworking Missourians,” the statement read. “And, discouraging families from relocating to our great state.”

Neighboring states like Kansas and Illinois rank worse than Missouri, but Arkansas ranks the second worst in the nation.

In 2014, Missouri taxpayers are facing hundreds of tax increase proposals on the April ballot, further expanding the combined tax burden.

The study also notes that 5 states don’t collect a statewide sales tax and 12 states don’t allow local governments to levy sales taxes.

“Missourians are getting nickeled and dimed at the cash register,” said Patrick Werner, Missouri state director of Americans for Prosperity. “The sales tax is essentially the final cut government takes from the taxpayer after federal, state and county taxes and fees are administered.”

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