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AFP-MN Releases Key Vote Letter Opposing SF 972, House Commerce and Energy Omnibus Bill

Apr 20, 2021 by AFP

St. Paul, MN – Americans for Prosperity-Minnesota (AFP-MN) issued a key vote alert Wednesday urging House members to vote “No” on SF972, the House Commerce and Energy Omnibus Bill into which language was substituted instituting drug price controls and unaffordable energy mandates among other market distortions.

Read the full Key Vote Letter here.

In the letter, Jason Flohrs, State Director for AFP-Minnesota expressed the following:

“Following on the heels of the compulsory price disclosure already enacted, this bill will further pave the way to direct government price controls, which will unavoidably harm patients by inducing needless scarcity and market distortions. Price controls typically culminate in government rationing, which can be dangerous, corrupt, and counterproductive. Even when the government purchases or reimburses for it directly, a product’s price can and should be determined by market forces rather than fiat. This bill is also unethical to the extent that it violates private property rights.”


For further information or an interview, reach Jason Flohrs,