AFP-MI Thanks Lawmakers for Standing on Principle

Jun 12, 2014 by AFP

LANSING, Mich. – The grassroots group Americans for Prosperity-Michigan thanked Senate lawmakers for their commitment to protecting Michigan taxpayers. Scott Hagerstrom, Michigan state director of the grassroots group, issued the following statement on the heels of a late-night session that concluded without passage of a massive gas tax hike:

“Thankfully, the Michigan Senate recognized that fixing our roads doesn’t have to come at the expense of breaking family budgets.

“We appreciate those lawmakers who stood strong on commonsense, conservative principles during what was undoubtedly an exhausting late-night session. A massive sales or gas tax hike would harm Michigan families and businesses unnecessarily.

“We’ve been hearing from citizens across Michigan. Yes, they want the roads fixed, but they also want their elected officials to identify a solution that doesn’t involve massive tax hikes.”