AFP-MI: Repeal ticket sales law

Jan 15, 2014 by AFP

Dear Chairman Heise and distinguished members of the Committee:

On behalf of the more than 88,000 activists of Americans for Prosperity-Michigan, I am writing in support of HB 5108, sponsored by Rep. Tim Kelly (R-Saginaw Township), which would repeal Michigan’s unnecessary and intrusive ban on reselling event tickets at a higher or lower price than the printed ticket price. This legislation would let the free-market flourish by allowing people to freely sell their tickets for whatever price they and a willing buyer decide is fair.

Speedy passage of HB 5108 makes common sense. There is simply no reason for government to interfere in a transaction between two willing parties who are exchanging a good for a mutually agreed on price.

In practical terms, current law actually means someone buying or obtaining a ticket at a different—higher or lower—price than the face value can be subject to criminal penalties. This is not only a waste of finite law enforcement resources, but inappropriately subjects people engaging in a mutually agreed on transaction to criminal statute.

I urge you to support HB 5108 and repeal Michigan’s existing ban on reselling tickets at a price different than face value. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly to discuss this issue or legislation further, (517) 853-9073.


Scott Hagerstrom

State Director

Americans for Prosperity-Michigan