AFP: Members Right to be Frustrated with Ex-Im Procedural Gimmick

Oct 8, 2015 by AFP

Arlington, Va. — Americans for Prosperity is echoing the frustration of many U.S. House lawmakers today, after a caucus meeting reportedly became contentious over the issue of reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank.

According to The Hill, members expressed disappointment with Rep. Stephen Fincher, who is attempting to circumvent the committee process and revive the expired institution using a discharge petition.

Americans for Prosperity Vice President of Government Affairs Brent Gardner had the following to say:

“Members are right to be frustrated with this attempt to sidestep regular order, especially to revive a defunct institution that represents the worst of Beltway crony capitalism. It’s unfortunate that some are determined not to take even a modest step toward restoring free markets or getting out of the business of special interest deals. Signing this discharge petition is an attempt to bring an inherently corrupt institution back from the dead, and it means siding with corporate lobbyists over taxpayers. Abandoning free-market principles is wrong, but trying to do it with a procedural gimmick just adds insult to injury.” 

Americans for Prosperity sent a coalition letter to Congress yesterday, signed by 40 groups that oppose any effort to reauthorize Ex-Im using a discharge petition. “On top of the policy and ethical concerns with the bank, we are increasingly concerned about the process,” the letter read in part. “Congress should not use an esoteric parliamentary tactic to sidestep the regular legislative process in order to fast-track legislation reauthorizing this scandal-plagued bank.” 

The group also reiterated its appreciation for House members who oppose Ex-Im, particularly House Financial Services Committee chairman Jeb Hensarling, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Freedom Caucus chairman Jim Jordan. AFP applauds their leadership on the issue and their efforts in bringing the bank’s ills to light for colleagues and members of the public.