AFP Keeps Pressure on Landrieu to Offer Real Relief from ObamaCare

Feb 12, 2014 by AFP

New television ad, “Mailbox,” focuses on human cost of ObamaCare.

BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the state’s foremost advocate for health care choice, is continuing the effort to hold Senator Landrieu accountable for the ObamaCare mess by launching a new television ad across the state. The ad looks and feels different from traditional political advertising, focusing on the uneasiness Louisianans now feel when they go to their mailboxes and find a letter from their insurers.

View “Mailbox” here.

AFP-Louisiana State Director Phillip Joffrion released the following statement on the accountability ad:

“All across the state, hearts are sinking when folks open up their mailboxes and find out their insurers are changing their plans, sending premiums and deductibles through the roof, and changing accessibility to trusted doctors — all ‘due to the Affordable Care Act.’ It’s time for Senator Landrieu to get some mail, too. That’s why we’re asking viewers to send her a note and tell her how much this law is hurting Louisiana families. In the past weeks, Senator Landrieu has been doubling down on her decisive vote for ObamaCare, throwing her support behind expanding Medicaid in Louisiana. Doesn’t she think enough is enough when it comes to complying with the ObamaCare mess?”

AFP President Tim Phillips added:

“Senator Landrieu is playing political games with real people’s lives. Politicians supporting ObamaCare seem to forget that their actions have real consequences, such as the cancelled insurance plans, lost access to doctors, and skyrocketing health care costs that define the President’s health care law.”

AFP-Louisiana is in the midst of a seven-city tour rallying grassroots opposition to Medicaid expansion in advance of the start of Louisana’s legislative session. Kevin Kane of the Pelican Institute and State Rep. Scott Simon, chairman of the House Heatlh & Welfare Committee, will brief the organization’s members on the dangers of expanding Medicaid in Louisiana.


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