AFP Launches ‘Reform America 2017’ Agenda

Jan 16, 2017 by AFP
Nation’s leading grassroots advocate for economic freedom sends legislative priorities to new Congress

Arlington, Va. – Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s foremost grassroots advocate for economic freedom, today released its ‘Reform America 2017’ effort, outlining the organization’s top legislative priorities for the 115th Congress and incoming administration.  The plan’s three pillars are health care reform, starting with repealing Obamacare and then advancing health care that works for all Americans; checking the out-of-control regulatory state; and spending and tax reform, including making transportation and infrastructure spending more responsible.

Read AFP’s Letter To House And Senate Leadership.

The Reform America 2017 Agenda Is Available Online At

As a legislative roadmap for 2017, AFP’s federal policy priorities for President Trump and Congress will inform where the organization asks its staff and 3.2 million activists across 36 states to engage with their neighbors and their federal lawmakers.

The organization’s unparalleled grassroots model allows citizen activists to make their voices heard in Congress, but also to spread the word through phone banking, local meetings, neighborhood canvassing and more. It also allows the grassroots to effectively spread the word about lawmakers who don’t vote to advance economic freedom consistent with the agenda.

AFP President Tim Phillips issued the following statement:

“In November, the American people once again rejected big-government policies like Obamacare, cronyism in the tax code and endless, burdensome regulations that raise the cost of living for hard-working families. Across the country, our activists are going to be mobilizing so that we take advantage of this opportunity to move the country in a better direction.”

AFP Chief Government Affairs Officer Brent Gardner added the following:

 “This year, we are encouraged to see Congress hit the ground running in repealing Obamacare, so that all of those suffering with the higher costs and fewer choices can finally get some relief. We’ve already seen significant progress this year on checking the regulatory state and reforming the process for major rules, and we’re hopeful those changes become law.

“Getting spending under control and reforming the tax code are also a top priority. By rooting out cronyism, we can ensure the tax code works for everyone rather than the best-connected; and by eliminating rampant waste in infrastructure and other spending, we can stop adding to our national debt at alarming rates.

“We know these issue battles are long-term efforts; that’s why our grassroots will continue to hold lawmakers accountable in these area throughout 2017 and beyond, fighting for a government that works for all Americans.”

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Reform America 2017 Legislative Priorities 

Spending and Tax Reform 

Protect current and future taxpayers from excessive spending. Responsbily fund the core functions of government. 

-Protect past promises to control spending
-Fix our broken federal tax code through comprehensive tax reform
-Send a balance budget resolution to the President on time
-Support responsibility in transportation and infrastructure funding

Regulatory Reform

Undo the damage of President Obama’s regulatory agenda. 

-Roll back overreaching Obama regulations
-Pull out of the Paris agreement on climate change
-Pass the REINS Act
-Make the federal regulatory process more customer-focused

Healthcare Reform 

Return control over healthcare decisions to patients and their doctors.

-Repeal Obamacare
-Return power to the states to address their unique healthcare challenges
-Bring accountability to the VA and expand veterans’ healthcare choices
-Promote market-based healthcare policies.