Mar 25, 2014 by AFP

Michigan mom tells Rep. Gary Peters, ObamacCare “destroying middle class.”

ARLINGTON, Va – Today Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest advocate for health care freedom, launched a massive new ad buy in Michigan featuring the personal testimony of a young family impacted by ObamaCare.

The new ad features the story of Shannon Wendt, whose insurance plan was cancelled due to the Affordable Care Act, despite assurances from Congressman Gary Peters and President Obama that they would be able to keep their plan. Shannon explains how ObamaCare is hurting her family, saying “a vote for ObamaCare is a vote that’s destroying the middle class.”

The latest ad buy starts today and will run for several weeks throughout Michigan on TV and digital platforms with a budget over $1.5 million.

AFP President Tim Phillips said, “Although politicians like Gary Peters don’t want to hear it, there are millions of middle class Americans just like Shannon who have had their peace of mind, healthcare and family budget upended by ObamaCare.

“We are committed to standing up for victims who have been hurt by this law and are forced to deal with higher insurance costs, lost access to doctors, and broken promises.”

Watch Shannon’s Story: ObamaCare is Hurting Middle Class Families

In conjunction with the ad buy, AFP-MI will be carrying out grassroots organizing and events such as phone banking and door-to-door visits all across the state to explain how ObamaCare is hurting middle class families in Michigan.