AFP Launches New Landrieu Ad: “Times are Tough”

May 23, 2014 by AFP

Ad focuses on Landrieu’s votes to grow the debt, deficit.

BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana chapter of Americans for Prosperity is launching a major new television and online campaign to hold Senator Mary Landrieu accountable for her record of wasteful overspending.

View the ad, “Times are Tough,” here.

The ad details the daily struggles of Louisiana women to meet their budgets and provide for their families, as Senator Landrieu has voted numerous times to increase the national debt and deficit.

AFP-Louisiana State Director Phillip Joffrion released the following statement today:

“While Louisianans try their best to make ends meet in a tough economy, Senator Landrieu apparently gets to play by her own rules back in Washington. She’s voted to raise our national debt and deficit at least seven times, and she and her colleagues didn’t bother to pass a budget for four years. If Louisianans have to sit around the kitchen table and make tough choices on a tight budget, Senator Landrieu should have to do the same on the floor of the Senate.” 


VIDEO: Sen. Landrieu Believes Discretionary Spending is not Out of Control. “I am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget, which by the way is not out of control, despite what you hear on Fox News.” (Editorial, “Democratic Senator Says Spending Only ‘Out of Control’ on Fox News,” Fox News, 1/29/14).

Sen. Landrieu Believes Raising the Debt Limit Does Not Give Government Permission to Spend More. “Raising the debt doesn’t give government permission to spend more, but only to meet previous obligations. The debt ceiling shouldn’t be used to stage this fight.” (The News-Star: Landrieu Criticizes Debt Ceiling Stance,” Senator Mary Landrieu, 7/30/11).


SHOT — VIDEO: Sen. Landrieu Believes Reducing the Debt is the Issue of the Decade.“The numbers should jolt us into action. They are unsustainable, and America cannot be the kind of strong, innovative and creative country with debts and deficits that high.” (Jeanne Cummings & James Hohmann, “Debt is ‘The Issue of the Decade,'” Politico, 2/15/11).

CHASER: Sen. Mary Landrieu Has Consistently Voted for More Debt and More Spending: 

Senator Landrieu Voted In Favor Of The Clean Debt Limit Increase In 2014. (S. 540, Roll Call Vote 34: Passed 55-43-2: R: 0-43-2; D: 54-0-0; I: 1-0-0, 2/12/14)
Senator Landrieu Voted In Favor Of The 2014 Omnibus Spending Bill. (H.R. 3547, Roll Call Vote 13: Passed 72-26-2: R 15-26-2; D: 55-0-0; I 2-0-0, 1/16/14)
Senator Landrieu Voted To Increase The Debt Ceiling And End The Government Shutdown. (H.R. 2775, Roll Call Vote 219: Passed 81-18-1: R 25-18-1; D 54-0-0; I 2-0-0)
Senator Landrieu Voted To Suspend The Debt Limit Until May 19, 2013. (H.R. 325, Roll Call Vote 11: Passed 64-34-2: R 11-33-0; D 51-1-2; I 2-0-0, 1/31/13)
Senator Landrieu Voted In Favor Of The 2009 Stimulus As Amended. (H.R. 1, Roll Call Vote 61: Passed 61-37-1: R 0-37-1; D 60-0, I 1-0, 2/10/09)
Senator Landrieu Voted In Favor Of The 2009 Stimulus Conference Report. (H.R. 1, Roll Call Vote 64: Passed 68-38-1: R 2-38; D 57-2-1; I 1-0, 2/13/09)