AFP Launches New Ads in Louisiana and Colorado

Mar 17, 2014 by AFP

Seven-figure ad buy puts pressure on Sens. Landrieu and Udall for ObamaCare support

Arlington, Va. — Today Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s foremost advocate for health care freedom, announced the launch of new ads holding lawmakers accountable for their support of ObamaCare. The new ads put pressure on Senator Landrieu of Louisiana and Senator Udall of Colorado for supporting a law that is leading to cancelled plans, higher insurance premiums, and lost access to doctors. The ads begin airing today statewide in Louisiana and Colorado and will run for three weeks. The new ad buy totals $1.7 million and includes cable, network, and digital ads.

AFP President Tim Phillips said: “Politicians who continue to support ObamaCare, despite all the harm it is causing, need to be held accountable. With hundreds of thousands of Americans receiving cancellation letters and experiencing premium hikes in Louisiana and Colorado, it’s time for their elected officials to start putting people ahead of politics and admit that ObamaCare isn’t working.

“For too long, Senator Landrieu and Senator Udall have chosen to stand with the President, instead of their constituents.”

Watch the ad, “People, Not Politics,” here:

Sen. Landrieu:

Sen. Udall:

This latest ad buy is the first focused on Senator Udall, though Americans for Prosperity previously launched this ad, titled “Mailbox,” to hold Senator Landrieu accountable.

These ads are a part of AFP’s ongoing efforts to hold politicians accountable for their support of ObamaCare, which include television, radio, and digital ads, as well as robust grassroots activism across the country.