AFP Launches New Ads in Arkansas and Michigan

May 28, 2014 by AFP

Arlington, Va. – Today Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s foremost grassroots advocate for economic freedom, announced the launch of two significant new ad buys in Arkansas and Michigan. The ads begin airing statewide today and will run for several weeks.

The message running in Arkansas thanks Congressman Tom Cotton for his efforts to stop burdensome regulations on farmers, his commitment to lowering the national debt, and his opposition to ObamaCare.

Rep. Cotton has a 100 percent grade on AFP’s Scorecard for the 2013-2014 legislative session and is one of six US Representatives to hold a 100 percent lifetime grade because he votes so consistently in favor of policies that advance prosperity and well-being for everyone.

The ad running in Michigan holds Congressman Gary Peters accountable for his continued support for ObamaCare, despite its draining effect on the pocketbooks of Michigan families who are struggling to manage their household budgets.

AFP President Tim Phillips said the following: “When big-government politicians like Congressman Peters burden Americans with harmful policies like ObamaCare, hardworking families pay the price. It’s time for Congressman Peters to put politics aside and finally admit that ObamaCare isn’t working. ObamaCare is leading to cancelled plans, lost access to trusted doctors, and skyrocketing premiums — unwanted consequences that families across the country simply cannot afford.

“While we often criticize politicians for voting the wrong way, it is important for us to recognize legislators like Congressman Cotton, whose voting record demonstrates that he is consistently willing to stand up for Arkansas, and fight back against big-spending, over-regulating politicians in Washington.

“AFP is committed to ensuring that folks in Arkansas, Michigan, and across the country know where their legislators stand on the most important issues facing the nation.”

Watch the new ads here:

Thank Tom Cotton for Standing with Arkansas –

Can Michigan Families Afford to Pay More? –

These new ads are a part of Americans for Prosperity’s ongoing efforts to hold politicians accountable for their stances on important issues like ObamaCare and wasteful government spending, which include television, radio, and digital ads, as well as robust grassroots action across the country.