AFP Launches Louisiana Chapter with Media Blitz

Jan 2, 2014 by AFP

State Director Phillip Joffrion kicks off with $600K ad buy on Landrieu’s ObamaCare position, Lie of the Year.

BATON ROUGE — Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s foremost advocate for economic freedom, officially announced the launch of a Louisiana chapter on Thursday. Phillip Joffrion will direct the new chapter, which will help concerned citizens make their voice heard on behalf of limited government. Joffrion is kicking off with television and online ad buys aimed at holding Senator Mary Landrieu accountable for her unacceptable support of ObamaCare.

The ad highlights Landrieu’s refusal to stand up for Louisiana families, telling a reporter she had no regrets “whatsoever” about supporting ObamaCare. View it here.

“Senator Landrieu has had more than three years to determine the obvious– that ObamaCare is a disaster for Louisiana– but she continues to double down on her support for this burdensome law,” Joffrion said. “The message of these ads– people, not politics — is all about holding her accountable for supporting the Obama administration rather than standing up for our state’s interests. Nothing Senator Landrieu has done since the calamitous launch of ObamaCare would provide relief from higher premiums, access to fewer doctors and eroding health care freedom. Hundreds of thousands of Louisianans were told the Lie of the Year — that they could keep their insurance plans, and their doctors. It’s simply not true.”

The ads will run statewide on both broadcast and cable for three weeks beginning this week, at a cost of over $600,000. The campaign will be supported online and on the radio.

“I’m pleased to begin helping Louisianans let their voices be heard when it comes to making sound economic policy in our state,” Joffrion said. “This wave of ads is just the first step in a long fight ensure every Louisianan enjoys high-quality health care without government interference, a responsible federal budget, and a business and tax climate that supports economic growth for our kids. We can’t wait for a politician to solve our economic problems; it’s up to us, everyday Louisianans, to make it happen for future generations. The effort starts today.”

Joffrion previously served as chief of staff and campaign manager for Congressman Jeff Landry (La.), as well as political director for John Kennedy for US Senate. He is available for comment this week on the ads as well as on his plans for AFP-Louisiana.