AFP Launches Ads Holding Sen Pryor Accountable on Obamacare

Feb 5, 2014 by AFP
Little Rock, AR – Americans for Prosperity-Arkansas held a press conference today highlighting a $606,000 statewide television ad buy that will educate Arkansans on the repercussions of Senator Mark Pryor’s vote for the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.
“Real people are hurting,” said AFP-Arkansas Director Jason Cline. “A family of four here in Arkansas could see their health insurance premiums increase as much as $2,250 more per year. We want Senator Pryor to think about how many grocery store buggies that could fill up or how many trips to Grandma’s house that is.”
Cline continued, “Over the coming weeks and months we plan an aggressive outreach plan that will work to focus on people, not politics. Because at the end of the day this bad vote made by Senator Pryor is about just that – the people and families right here in Arkansas.”
The timing of this ad comes on the heels of yesterday’s non-partisan Congressional Budget Office report that 2.3 million Americans are projected to lose full time employment due to the Affordable Care Act.
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