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AFP-KY Applauds Kentucky Supreme Court’s Right-To-Work Decision

Nov 15, 2018 by AFP

FRANKFORT, KY—Americans for Prosperity-Kentucky (AFP-KY) Thursday applauded the Kentucky Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Commonwealth’s right-to-work law. AFP-KY led the charge to get right-to-work legislation through the legislature and to Governor Bevin’s desk for his signature in 2017.

AFP-KY State Director Andrew McNeill issued the following statement:

“Today’s ruling by the Kentucky Supreme Court affirming our Commonwealth’s right-to-work law is great news for workers and our economy. Instituting right-to-work laws have removed barriers, expanded workers’ freedoms, and opened doors for businesses to create more jobs. Since this landmark legislation became law, we have seen the economy steadily up-tick and companies bring new investments into Kentucky. We are proud of our hardworking activists’ efforts to make right-to-work a reality.”


BACKGROUND: AFP’s Role in the Fight To Pass Right to Work in Kentucky

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