Jun 11, 2014 by AFP

Today Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s foremost grassroots advocate for economic freedom, announced the launch of two significant new ad buys in Iowa and New Hampshire. The ads begin airing statewide today and will run for several weeks.

The message running in Iowa brings grassroots pressure on Congressman Bruce Braley for serving special interests in Washington instead of serving his constituents at home. The ad highlights Congressman Braley’s May 2013 vote against the Keystone Pipeline – after previously voting in support of the project and admitting it would have created thousands of jobs for Iowans.

The ad questions whether Keystone jobs are the kind Braley is fighting for, and reminds Iowans of his disparaging comments about farmers at a recent Texas fundraiser.

Watch the Iowa ad here:

The ad running in New Hampshire holds Senator Jeanne Shaheen accountable for her continued support for ObamaCare, despite the law leading to higher health care costs and loss of access to doctors and hospitals. In New Hampshire, 10 of 26 hospitals are off-limits for those on ObamaCare insurance plans. This ad launches just days after Senator Shaheen said she will “absolutely” campaign on ObamaCare, and claimed to be fighting for greater healthcare access.

Watch the New Hampshire ad here:

AFP President Tim Phillips said the following: “When Americans and their families continue to suffer under harmful, big-government policies, elected officials often have an opportunity to ease their burden. It is disappointing that Congressman Braley and Senator Shaheen have refused to do so for their constituents.

“Congressman Braley would rather appease special interests in Washington than vote for policies that would create more jobs and more prosperity for his constituents in Iowa.

“Senator Shaheen remains ObamaCare’s biggest cheerleader, despite the fact that it’s making health care less accessible and more expensive for New Hampshire families.

“Hardworking families in Iowa, New Hampshire, and across the country deserve to know when their elected officials choose to do what’s best for their political careers instead of what’s best for their constituents.”

These new ads are part of AFP’s ongoing efforts to hold politicians accountable for their stances on the issues most relevant to their constituents, which include television, radio, and digital ads, as well as robust grassroots action throughout the country.