AFP-IL Launches Effort to Hold Legislators Accountable on Income Tax Hike

May 6, 2014 by AFP

SPRINGFIELD – Today Americans for Prosperity – Illinois is launching the first phase of a campaign calling on legislators to honor their promise to taxpayers by keeping the 67% income tax hike temporary. The effort consists of a massive direct mail effort, along with a website,, and grassroots efforts to oppose Governor Quinn and Speaker Madigan’s push to permanently hike the income tax. The efforts will seek to hold 17 state legislators accountable by highlighting their prior stated support for letting the income tax hike expire as scheduled.

“Illinoisans want to know: will those legislators who said they supported letting the income tax expire while campaigning stand up for taxpayers now? Or will they join Gov. Quinn and Speaker Madigan in breaking trust with their constituents and again hike taxes on all Illinoisans further damaging the state’s dismal economy?” asked David From, Illinois State Director of Americans for Prosperity. “Many of these legislators at one point recognized that permanently increasing the income tax will harm Illinois’s hardworking families and slow economic recovery. They need to honor their commitment to their constituents and allow the tax hike to expire as promised to taxpayers when the measure was passed.”

The legislators being held accountable are: Reprentatives Fred Crespo (44th District), Emily McAsey (85th District), Katherine Cloonen (79th District), Deborah Conroy (46th District), Laura Fine (17th District), Stephanie Kifowit (84th District), Natalie Manley (98th District), Michelle Mussman (55th District), Brandon Phelps (118th District), Marty Moylan (55th District), Sam Yingling (62nd), Jerry Costello II (116th), Mike Smiddy (71st) and Senators Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (49th District), Julie Morrison (29th District), Melinda Bush (31st District), and Michael Hastings (19th District).

Today’s direct mail and online efforts build on AFP’s on-going grassroots opposition to the income tax hike, which includes regular door knocking and phoning to educate and mobilize Illinoisans against the tax hike.

For further information or an interview, please contact David From at or (312) 465-0407