AFP-IL Applauds DuPage County for Opposing Progressive Income Tax

Feb 11, 2014 by AFP

The DuPage County Board today voted overwhelmingly in support of a resolution opposing the notion of scrapping our Constitutionally-protected flat state income tax and replacing it with a graduated, or “progressive,” one.

Citing the devastating effects of this job-killing proposal, the Board approved the resolution 14-3.

In giving comment alongside a dozen other supporters of the resolution, AFP-IL Director of Policy & Communications Andrew Nelms said, “We think that’s a bad deal for the people of Illinois.  Clearly, the graduated income tax would have a negative impact on both the individuals and the businesses that call DuPage County home.  As Illinoisans, we suffer from a lack of opportunity, not a lack of taxation.  The surest way to promote the well-being of both DuPage County and the state as a whole would be to restore Illinois to its rightful place as the economic engine of the Midwest.  Misguided, job-killing policies like the graduated income tax surely aren’t going to help us get there.”

DuPage County, along with 11 other municipalities around the state, have passed resolutions opposing the progressive income tax.

Carmi City Council
DuPage County Board
Effingham County Board
Jefferson County Board
Johnson County Board
Johnston City Council
Kendall County Board
Marion City Council
Massac County Board
Murphysboro City Council
Naperville City Council
Quincy City Council

 “This would be detrimental to economic development and to the individual taxpayer,” stated Economic Development Committee Chairwoman Tonia Khouri, who served as the sponsor of the resolution.

Noting that, often, proponents don’t factor the sunsetting of the temporary, 67% income tax increase, Legislative Committee Chairman John Curran called such claims “disingenuous.”  Because, under current law, 100% of Illinois taxpayers will see some relief beginning in January 2015 when the tax rate drops from 5% to 3.75%…if Springfield keeps their word.  Unfortunately, a big “if.”