AFP on House Tax Reform Plan

Nov 2, 2017 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest advocate for economic freedom, issued the following statement on the House Republican tax plan released today.

AFP President Tim Phillips had this to say:

“This is a strong plan that supports the kind of bold, pro-growth tax reform we’ve been working towards. We’re pleased to see the tax code simplified, the elimination of many costly carve-outs, and an immediate lowering of the corporate rate to a more competitive level.

“Still, a number of concerns remain. Many special handouts for political favorites remain, and it’s disappointing to see House Republicans succumb to the politics of envy by reinstating a fourth tax bracket. Even more concerning is the prospect of a tax on consumers that is reminiscent of the misguided border adjustment tax. If not improved, this ‘BAT-lite’ provision has the potential to make everyday goods more expensive for millions of Americans.

“As the process moves forward, our tax experts will be offering feedback to help improve this legislation, and ensure that areas where it falls short are not carried over to the Senate.

“Hardworking taxpayers were promised a fairer, flatter, simpler tax code, and Americans for Prosperity is committed to helping Congress follow through on this once in a generation opportunity.”

Americans for Prosperity has made tax reform its top priority this year. The group’s state 36 state chapters held over 75 grassroots events throughout the summer and fall, with AFP partnering with members of the local community, members of Congress and policy experts to highlight the beneficial impact of tax reform done right.

In Washington, the group’s government affairs teams have advanced AFP’s vision on tax reform in over 1,000 meetings with Hill leaders. Last month, AFP key voted the 2018 House and Senate budget resolutions, which were critical to advancing tax reform.