AFP: House Budget Paves Way for Tax Reform…

Jul 19, 2017 by AFP

Arlington, Va. — Americans for Prosperity announced they were pleased to see the House FY2018 budget blueprint includes spending reductions and flexibility for states on mandatory spending programs, while also setting the stage for major tax reform by offering reconciliation instructions. 

The group has long advocated for budget proposals to adhere to the promise Congress made in 2011 to get rein in overspending with the Budget Control Act, and would like to see those caps again be respected in a final budget.

AFP Vice President of External Affairs Christine Harbin released this statement:

“We’re encouraged to see House Republicans produce a budget that balances and includes mandatory spending cuts. We’re pleased to see progress toward structural reforms to the nation’s safety-net programs that will make them work better for the truly needy while controlling spending. Most significantly, we’re pleased that this budget resolution provides a vehicle for passing comprehensive tax reform that will lead to the fairer, flatter, and simpler tax code that works better for everyday Americans. We’re concerned that this budget blueprint risks exceeding the spending caps established in the Budget Control Act, but we look forward to working with lawmakers in seeking policy solutions that protect these past bipartisan promises to control spending.”

In commending the plan, a spokesman for the group also highlighted the instructions to find $200 billion in mandatory spending fixes and reductions, and over $700 billion in improper payments.

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