AFP: Handling of Interest Arbitration Bill “Deplorable”

Mar 28, 2014 by AFP

AFP: Handling of Interest Arbitration Bill “Deplorable”

Pro-Taxpayer Group Denounces Speaker Prieto for Adjourning Assembly before Accepting Gov’s CV

MONMOUTH JUNCTION –Americans for Prosperity state director Daryn Iwicki has issued the following statement regarding the interest arbitration cap legislation taken up yesterday by the Legislature.

“Extending the cap on interest arbitration is the right thing to do and one small step in the right direction toward reining our property taxes and improving the quality of life for hardworking New Jersey families.

“AFP is glad to see that the Senate has taken action to extend the cap and commends Governor Christie for issuing a conditional veto to ensure that the cap is not loosened in any way.  We are, however, dismayed to see the Assembly drag this out as the deadline approaches.

“Talk is cheap when it comes from the floor of the General Assembly, action is admirable.  Speaker Prieto got up before the Assembly and stated how nothing has been done about property taxes since he took office ten years prior; and how we need to provide some relief to the New Jersey taxpayers.  I had high hopes for the new leadership Speaker Prieto would bring to the chamber. Unfortunately, it looks like more of the same—just talk.

“Dismissing the chamber and refusing to vote on a good conditional veto from the Governor shows the true colors.  Mr. Speaker, you had chance to get this done, to allow this bill to be a better law as so many were asking for on both sides of the aisle, and yet you ran away.  Leaders don’t run.

 “Speaker Prieto mentioned about negotiating this bill in good faith, which is laughable.  This bill was done behind closed doors with the only input coming from unions, so was this really negotiated in good faith?  Assemblyman Chris Brown had it right when addressed the chamber yesterday and mentioned the lack of the concern for the taxpayer when this bill was being drafted.

“AFP finds the last-minute deal making on this bill and the lack of opportunity for the public to digest the legislation and comment before committee to be deplorable. AFP urges the Assembly Speaker to stop playing games, get back into the chamber, and accept the Governor’s conditional veto.  Your actions might just seem admirable.”

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