AFP Grassroots Convenes on U.S. Capitol at Obamacare Repeal Rally

Mar 8, 2017 by AFP

Against the backdrop of the U.S. Capitol building, hundreds of Americans for Prosperity activists and volunteers gathered to remind their lawmakers one thing: You Promised.

Just a few hundred yards away were the senators and representatives that were there largely because of that promise—the promise they made to fully repeal Obamacare and all of its burdensome costs, rules and mandates— which voters overwhelmingly supported last November.

In addition to members of AFP’s grassroots, several victims of Obamacare’s harmful policies were there to share their stories. They came from all across the country, and spoke of how the failing healthcare law caused their plans to be cancelled, their premiums to skyrocket, and their families and small businesses to struggle.

Many told of losing access to trusted doctors they had been seeing for years, despite the promises made to the contrary, and of being told what treatment they could or couldn’t receive because of Obamacare. For coming forward with their personal stories, some had been ruthlessly vilified by the law’s supporters both in the government and the press.

For much of the past decade, Americans for Prosperity has invested in major efforts to see Obamacare repealed: phone banking, door-to-door canvassing, and making contact with millions of voters across the country. But today, with this goal finally within reach, hundreds of AFP activists were taking their message of meaningful repeal directly to their lawmakers.


After hearing from one another outside the Capitol, volunteers from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia headed out to visit the offices of their members of Congress to engage them on the issue face to face.

Many had spoken to their lawmaker in person before. Some were even on a first name basis. What united all of these volunteers was an understanding of what makes the grassroots so effective—supporting your officials when they are right, holding them accountable when they are wrong, and calling them on their word when they make a promise.