AFP: Gov. McAuliffe and Lt. Gov. Northam Wrong Again On Medicaid Expansion 

Mar 27, 2017 by AFP

Grassroots organization says latest Medicaid Expansion gambit is wrong for patients and taxpayers

RICHMOND – Americans for Prosperity – Virginia, the Commonwealth’s leading grassroots advocate for repealing Obamacare, opposing Medicaid expansion, and passing real healthcare reform, said that Governor Terry McAuliffe and Lt. Governor Ralph Northam are wrong again with their latest Medicaid expansion proposal. AFP-VA consistently led the opposition to Governor McAuliffe and former Governor Tim Kaine’s Medicaid expansion proposals, bringing hundreds of activists to rallies at the Capitol and driving high grassroots pressure on lawmakers to vote no on the proposals.

AFP-VA Deputy State Director JC Hernandez offered the following statement:

“Governor McAuliffe was wrong when he tried to shut down government to expand Medicaid, and he is wrong this time, too. Expanding Medicaid will leave Virginia taxpayers on the hook for hundreds of millions in higher costs while leaving our most vulnerable residents at the mercy of a broken program with poor health outcomes. Governor McAuliffe is gravely mistaken if he thinks that the recent developments in Washington makes this an opportune time for his costly Medicaid expansion. Medicaid is not working and Virginians have made it clear that they want real healthcare reform, not Medicaid expansion.

“Lt. Governor Northam ironically points to his experience as a doctor in support of Medicaid expansion, even though a quarter of Virginia doctors are turning away new Medicaid patients. Equally ironic is his claim that Medicaid expansion is justified from a “business and a moral perspective” – a claim that flies in the face of business cents and moral sense. Lt. Governor Northam should know that Medicaid costs have ballooned well beyond projections in multiple states, leaving taxpayers holding the bag when federal subsidies decrease. At the same time, Medicaid patients have the worst healthcare outcomes and have increasingly limited choices of doctors. Dumping more people into Medicaid is foolish from a business perspective and unacceptable from a moral perspective.

“We trust that the state legislature will continue to stand up for taxpayers and reject this latest, tone-deaf appeal for Medicaid expansion.”