AFP: Gov. Christie Right on Property Tax Relief, Pension Reforms

Jan 15, 2014 by AFP

AFP: Gov. Christie Right on Property Tax Relief, Pension Reforms

Agenda Critical for Putting NJ’s Fiscal House Back in Order

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ – Americans for Prosperity is praising Gov. Christie’s plans to pursue property tax relief and additional fixes to the State’s ailing pension system in 2014.

“Americans for Prosperity is ready to work with the governor and legislators to make these important initiatives a reality this year,” stated Daryn Iwicki, state director of the pro-taxpayer group. “Property taxes relief isn’t just about dollars and cents—this is about our quality of life in New Jersey and the ability of folks just to stay in their homes, put food on the table or pay for their kid’s education.”

“AFP is encouraged to hear leaders in the majority party on board with achieving property tax relief during the new legislative session. There is a real opportunity now to provide meaningful relief to New Jersey families that’s long overdue and doesn’t rely on gimmicks, but addresses some of the real drivers of our property tax crisis.”

Iwicki also expressed support for the Governor’s calls for further changes to the State’s pension system.

“Our State’s pensions system is still a ticking time bomb despite the laudable changes enacted in 2010. The governor is right to point out that this represents a significant threat to the middle class. If nothing more is done to fix this broken system middle class families are going to suffer the consequences in the way of crippling tax increases.”

“Those voices in the statehouse crying foul over the governor’s proposals and pledging to oppose any more reforms are not standing up for the middle class and they are risking that the State could go into a Detroit-like bankruptcy in the future that will only hurt the very people they claim to advocate for.”

Iwicki urged legislators to focus on these big picture items in order to put the State on better fiscal footing and called on them to abandon plans to expend billions on open space.

“On the very day Gov. Christie was delivering his State of the State address, we learned that New Jersey’s fiscal condition is the worst in the country. This is another siren sound for lawmakers that the time is now to get our economy moving again with real tax relief and by addressing our enormous pension and benefit liabilities.”

“The last thing this Legislature should be doing is trying to set aside untold billions for preserving open space in order to satisfy the environmental special interest lobby,” Iwicki said. “AFP will oppose any such effort during this legislative session. There are far better ways to address this issue than throwing $6 billion in sorely needed revenue at it over the next 30 years, including public-private partnerships, which have helped other states turn open space preservation into profit-generating endeavors rather than liabilities.”

“At some point legislators in Trenton will have to come to terms with reality. Taxpayers are tapped out and the State is in fiscal trouble. The focus needs to be on getting our fiscal house in order before it’s too late.”

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