AFP-Georgia "Stop the EPA Power Grab" Rally Draws Crowd, Press

Jul 31, 2014 by AFP

Broad group of stakeholders also joined Georgia Energy Freedom Alliance outside EPA building Tuesday.

ATLANTA — The Georgia chapter of Americans for Prosperity held a “Stop the EPA Power Grab” rally Tuesday outside the Sam Nunn Federal Center in Atlanta, drawing activists, a broad group of stakeholders and interested media. The organization was highlighting opposition to the EPA’s new proposed greenhouse gas regulations, which would destroy good-paying jobs in Georgia and drive up already-high electricity bills.

A webcast of the entire rally can be viewed here.

AFP-Georgia State Director Michael Harden and Grassroots Coordinator Joel Foster were joined by lawmakers from the Georgia legislature, representatives of groups like 60 Plus and Energy Makes America Great, and Georgia business owners and rate payers.

In addition to the following images and statements, Michael Harden is also available to reporters to speak on this topic.

“Georgians are already paying enough for their energy bills. They don’t need the Obama administration telling them which energy sources are good and bad just to advance their climate ideology. These regulations cost jobs and take more money out of the pockets of Georgia rate payers. I was pleased to see a great turnout on Tuesday to show President Obama that Georgia is tired of his regulatory rampage,” Harden said.


AFP President Tim Phillips also had the following to say:

“President Obama’s EPA is waging a war on traditional affordable energy through burdensome regulations and unrealistic mandates. The American people are standing up to this federal overreach and sending a message that they cannot afford to pay for Obama’s environmental ideology,” said AFP President Tim Phillips. 

BACKGROUND: In early June, the Obama administration announced the latest in its ideology-driven attack on traditional energy production — a new EPA rule to cut carbon-dioxide emissions from coal- and gas-fired power plants across the United States. This proposed rule mandates a reducation of 30 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s power plants by 2030, based on 2005 emissions levels.