AFP-FL State Director Comments on Signing of HB 5001

Jun 2, 2014 by AFP
State Director Hudson thanks Scott for cutting taxes & fees, paying down debt

TALLAHASSEE — Americans for Prosperity’s Florida State Director Chris Hudson released the following statement today upon the signing of the annual appropriations bill:

“Governor Scott has continued to fulfill the promises he made to Floridians when he was elected, by cutting taxes, trimming the fat in state government, and working to push Florida’s economy to be the best in the nation.

HB 5001 includes $500 million in tax and fee cuts for Florida’s families, more than $600 million in savings from improved efficiencies in state government operations, an increase in state reserves, and the continued pay-down of the state debt. This budget sends the message that Florida is focused on the long-term growth of economic opportunity and prosperity for all its families and businesses.”